Hotel Lacassagne

The Lyon of A. Lacassagne

by A. Lacassagne.

During his many travels, Alexandre has forged a great adventurer’s soul. Exploring the most eccentric corners of the cities with his friend Edmond W. has become his hobby.

At home in Lyon, they continue to make pilgrimages and marvel at their hometown.

Did you know? The city of Lyon offers you a journey through time and the French art of living. From gastronomy to historical heritage, from light to silk. An ideal destination!

The whole team took up the challenge and told us about their favourite places in Lyon’s 6th arrondissement. Such a beautiful city for an even more beautiful experience! By the way, don’t hesitate to ask us for advice during your visit, we will be happy to tell you about our favourite places.

Did you know? Edmond Weill was the formidable companion of our dear professor Alexandre Lacassagne. He too shares his memories of the good old days in his home in the heart of District 6.

Come and visit him and discover his universe here.